Monday, February 28, 2011

POST # 1

Today, February 28, 2011, is the first day that our 1st period Adv. Algebra class signed onto this blog. Since I volunteered to be the first to post a narrative of what goes on in the class, you, as a reader, get to be lucky enough to find out what happens in our math class!
Well today wasn't a typical day for us, since we left our classroom and marched our math brains into the math computer lab. This, of course, was after the routine morning announcements and review of last night's homework. After wasting a good 15 minutes on trying to get everyone to log onto this blog, (many failed attempts stopped us from continuing with the day) we continued to do review. The Ch. 7 Review consisted of our super duper smart and ingenious teacher making mistakes on a practice quiz, which caused a flip-flop of roles. Us, the brainiacs of Advance Algebra, were the ones correcting Mr. Cope.
Now you know the exciting life of Period 1 Adv. Alg. on 2-28-2011, write a book with all your new and useful knowledge. (We'll be sure to read it).

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