Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/17/2011 Review Day Blog

Today on St. Patricks Day i dont know how Mr. cope started off class because I was late, but when i arrived he was checking our 8.6 homework. We then went over our homework discussing problems having to deal with rationalizing the denominator. After we went over our homework problems Mr. Cope then handed out an 8.4 - 8.6 review sheet with practice problems on it. For the rest of class we worked on the problems on the review sheet to get us ready for out Chapter 8 test tomorrow. The basic ideas of each section are:

8.4 :
The basic idea of this section was just being able to find the Nth roots for radicals. The Root of a Power Theorem is n(radical sign) X^m = X^m/n. The conditions are x has to be greater then or equal to zero. N must be an integer greater then or equal to 2 and m must be an integer. Another important point is finding the geometric mean, which is just when you multiply all the N set numbers and then take the nth root of that number and thats your geometric mean. Lastly you have to be able to convert between rational exponents notation and radical notation.

8.5 :
The main ideas of 8.5 was to learn how to break down products with radicals and being able to multiply them. We learned how to simplify using the factor tree when you break the number in the product to its factors.

8.6 :
8.6 was the hardest lesson to learn this week. The main objective of 8.6 was to learn how to rationalize the denominator for quoteints with radicals. You carry out this task by multiplying the denominator by its conjugate and then foiling (similar to imaginary numbers).

Good luck on the test tomorrow everyone.

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