Monday, April 4, 2011

Chapter 10.1

first day back from spring break we got right down into new material after getting our tests back. we started learning about trigonometric funtions. we learned about the three special ratios for a right triangle. sine, cosine and tangent Sin=opposite/hypotenuse cos=adjacent/hypotenuse tan=opposite/adjacent using these, it is possible to find the lenght of 2 sides of a right traingle given one side and one acute angle. example- a person is standing 10 feet away from a tree, and looking at a 30 degree angle to the top. to find how tall the tree is, you must use one of the ratios. using tangent (as you are looking for the opposite to the angle, and you have the adjacent side) you would put tan30 (the acute angle)=x/10, then just solve for x giving an answer of 5.77 so overall, you have to know what information you have, then know what you're looking for so you use the right ratio. and sorry about my example, I could not get any pictures of a triangle.

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